Monday, March 10, 2008

PA Gov.Rendell says " Screw the Voters"

PA. Gov "Fast Eddie" Rendell has taken a page out of the Bush playbook.He basically said on Meet the Press this past Sunday that there's no need to even go out and vote in the April 22nd PA Primary.He agrees that the math sets up for a small Obama lead in popular vote and delegate count as they enter the convention.He then goes onto say the super delegates have an obligation to decide the election in spite of the stated desire of the electorate.The guy reeks of the top down power politics that could care less of the will of the voters.While Obama concentrated on all 50 states,HRC chose to focus on the big electoral votes states because she knew she could count on stooges like Rendell and snake oil salesman Senator Bill Nelson,FL (D) to do her dirty work for her.And that work specifically is to deny, ala Bush 2000,the popular voter winner Barack Obama,the party nomination.Bush/Clinton; Clinton/Bush.What's the difference!!!! Watch for yourself!!